Account card processing validating credit cards

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See If you know that your connection to Paymentech will be offline, you can speed up account creation by not allowing timeouts.Instead, a connection to Paymentech results in a ”no answer” error immediately.

Sometimes the authorization amount may be subtracted from the cardholder’s available balance and an online statement may show the held funds as an actual charge.The protocol ties the financial authorization of the transaction to an online authentication of the cardholder’s identity.The authentication is based on a three domain model: the Acquirer Domain (the Acquiring bank and the merchant that are charging the card), the Issuer Domain (the Issuing bank of the cardholder), and the Interoperability Domain (the system provided by the Card Association to support the protocol). A transaction using 3-D Secure redirects to the website of the cardholder’s Issuing bank to authorize the transaction.This means that you can offer your customers a number of free days of service before they have to provide a credit card number.To implement this feature, create the accounts by using the Undefined payment method.

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