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White European Americans involved in the slave industry tried to justify their economic exploitation of black people by creating a "scientific" theory of white superiority and black inferiority.This was the start of systematized racism in the United States.East, South, and Southeast Asians have similarly faced racism in America.Major racially and ethnically structured institutions include slavery, segregation, Native American reservations, Native American boarding schools, immigration and naturalization laws, and internment camps.

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According to estimates in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, between 16 more than 470,000 slaves were forcibly transported from Africa to what is now the United States. census, there were about 385,000 slave owners out of a white population in the slave states of approximately 7 million.With the capability to spread their schematic representation of the world, Europeans could impose a social contract, morally permitting three centuries of African slavery.While the disintegration of this social contract by the eighteenth century led to abolitionism, it is argued that the removal of barriers to "insider status" is a very slow process, uncompleted even today (2017).Providing wealth for the white elite, approximately one in four Southern families held slaves prior to the Civil War. Groups of armed white men, called slave patrols, monitored enslaved African Americans. established the colony of Liberia, assisting thousands of former African-American slaves and free black people (with legislated limits) to move there from the United States.First established in South Carolina in 1704, the slave patrols' function was to police slaves, especially runaways. Some slaves were manumitted (set free) on condition that they emigrate.

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