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These intentions are on a weekly basis starting with the Sunday, therefore a new request will be published each week in the bulletin.There will be a total of 104 Sanctuary Lamp Intentions: 52 weeks of the year for each of the Christ Chapel & Church lamps.Disclaimer: The information contained in each of the I. files was created solely by the Boy Scouts of America. By the terms of the court’s order, the names and contact information of persons identified as victims of sexual abuse and those that reported the abuse were redacted. Files for the period 1986 through 1991 were made available to the public through the Los Angeles Times.

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In around 1920, soon after the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”) was formed, the organization began keeping files on adult leaders and volunteers who were alleged to have committed various crimes and offenses. By far the largest category is the Perversion Files, or “P Files” as the BSA internally refers to them.

Two intentions are accepted for weekday Masses and three intentions are accepted for weekend Masses, except for Ash Wednesday, Christmas, Easter and the Sacred Triduum.

It is appropriate for you or the family of the deceased to attend the Mass when celebrated. Every effort will be made to satisfy all requests, however in some cases the intention availability for a date you are requesting may be filled before your appointment and you will be asked to choose another date.

The members of the Mass Book team do not have authority to make exceptions, so please do not ask them to do so.

Sanctuary Lamps Consider donating the Sanctuary Lamp that burns in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the Church or Christ Chapel in memory of a loved one who has died or to honor a living person.

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