Adult spankings

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To convict an accused person of child abuse in California a prosecutor would have to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that: It depends on the facts of the case and the accused's criminal history.

Child abuse charges under PC273d can be filed as either a felony or a misdemeanor.

How did strict Miss Svenson get into the world of spanking? Major Kane The modern world may not find it fashionable to say so but girls are sweet, impressionable young things. Then again, I do believe there's a certain romanticism about spanking.

For myself, I’ll usually talk about these topics in the context of one of the Well Smacked Seat films, along with photos.

No, it is not illegal to spank your child in California.

The spanking, however, cannot be excessive and must be for disciplinary reasons.

If charged as a misdemeanor, child abuse is punishable by: A substantiated report means one that is determined by the investigator who conducted the investigation to constitute child abuse or neglect.

If a person wants to have their name removed from the CACI they must timely request a grievance hearing.

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