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More recently my matches have been have been way out of my San Diego radius, as far as Los Angeles!?

So since posting this blog, eharmony has CANCELED my account.

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I can only assume that’s the reason why, some how, some way they linked Single Steve with my real life eharmony account, and CANCELED me.

I know right, how ridiculous is it to be “communicating” with 50 different girls all at the same time, all waiting for them to respond.

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So before you know it, you’re waiting on 5 girls to respond back, and then it’s 10, then 20, then 50!So all together I have been matched with 1905 and different females.Or whats more likely is you sent me every girl in San Diego in 7 girl increments.Pass this along to anyone that’s thinking about doing, it’s your American duty.I called and spoke to a guy, and all he could say was “all I can do is refer you to the email”, he literally said that like 7 times.

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