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To an outsider, we must have seemed like attendees at a convention concerning hypertension.

Bright classical music was piped in through the hotel's speaker system, the same sort of music they play in elevators and dentist's offices. Instead, we stared into the middle distance, preparing ourselves psychologically.Travel insurance is issued and managed, and claims are administered by AWP Services New Zealand Limited as agent for the insurer.Please see the relevant Policy Wording and any other documents we may have provided to you for full details of your cover. For those of you who've never experienced a kidney stone, the pain is akin to that caused by various methods of medieval torture, particularly those involving dull . For two days, I sat at a long table in the Seaport hotel, confronting the exam that would determine my professional future. After spending the rest of the 2 feeling sorry for myself - smoking, drinking, staring at the wall, the whole package - I pulled myself together on the 3rd. Without rationalizing, I knew it was the kidney stone.When it was over, I felt that I had done reasonably well. I was always playing catch up after I got out of the hospital. I'm ready to write essay answers until my hand cramps. For those of you in my position - those who failed the bar the first time around (for whatever reason), take heart. When you get an question wrong, write out the answer.

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