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All I had to do was go to each system and update the @@servername to reflect the new name. 14 new SQL Servers to manage and, especially, license. Provisioning is the double-edged sword of virtualization.

Since we've virtualized our environment, our server count has increased over 20%.

I have witnessed one large company refusing to virtualize but, since their competitors are virtualizing, it won't be long before they begin implementation.

I'm going to purposely ignore the advantages of virtualization as they pertain to the datacenter and instead focus on the advantages for the SQL Server DBA.

The second path is whether or not your SQL Server is capable of being virtualized; is it feasible to virtualize your SQL Server?

You'll base the decision to virtualize both on how the SQL Server is being used and the size of your SQL Server.

The only difference was they were in different geographic locations.

I cannot overstate the beauty of being able to add 100GB to a dying LUN without downtime and without the user even knowing its happened. This is what virtualization was created to do and there are advantages. I guess that's why I gain weight because I always have to finish what's on my plate. On the flip-side a physical server showing 95% CPU utilization drives me crazy when I don't have another slot available.

Virtualization frees me by allowing me to think about this less often (notice I didn't say ever).

There is some overlap, but I want to address specifically how virtualization helps you and your SQL Server environment.

I won't be able to cover everything, your mileage may vary depending on what features you implement and what vendor you use.

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