Advice letter about dating men and dating mistakes

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That he “doesn’t believe in it anymore.” This broke my heart, but I accepted it because he is very anti-conformist and had bad experiences in his first marriage. One of my closest girlfriends, who’s been ambivalent her whole life about marrying and having kids, now has done exactly that.He did say he’s happy to eventually have a ceremony and assume the titles of husband and wife, exchange rings, etc., but doesn’t want the government or religion involved. And I can’t even look at her Facebook page without crying because I feel like I missed the boat by being in the relationship I’m in.

We’re looking forward to our plan to move in early next year; my husband and I just bought a house with an in-law suite that our boyfriend will occupy.I am torn because a part of me wants to call him out for being unresponsive, but I also don’t want to come across as some crazy, clingy girl.I’m not expecting us to get married just because we slept together, I was just looking forward to a third date.Should I take his distance as a sign to move on and just never talk to him again, should I call him out for for being more distant, or should I apologize for not telling him about the v-card before our night together?— Recent Virgin This week in the forums we’re discussing: He texted: “What do you want from me??

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