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The 43-year-old Daniel Negreanu is one of the richest poker players who has won 6 bracelets in the World Series Of Poker (WSOP).Daniel has accumulated over M just in prize money, well he is lucky with cards but when it comes to love, his luck somehow runs out.He had an affinity for dealing with numbers and probabilities, which is a good sign for someone who wants to become a poker player.

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The two met at a charity event and a sudden kind of flame sparked between them.

Apparently, the thing between them didn’t work out.

After few weeks Negreanu stated that he is still single and Lindsay and he is still friends.

He has only been married once, but the marriage only lasted about 2 years.

Sounds romantic, but instead of his continuous rise in poker, his love life, expressed on a graph, looks more like a rollercoaster that goes up and down and up again.

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