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in march 2011, the magazine published proof of widespread sexual abuse of animals in Norway. On the dating webside “beast-dating” there are 100 active users. On various animal sex websites there are more than 100 Norwegians who share pictures and experiences. The Food inspection authority FIA (Mattilsynet) is the overseeing authority of this law. Another person in the online society offers his dog for a small commission. The police and FIA do not have enough knowledge about the topic. Scientists agree that sexual abuse of animals are as bad a pedophilia and abuse of Children. The animal health authority in not educated in how to disclose sexual abuse of animals. They secretly entered into the online forums who promotes sex between men and animals: February 2011: The journal makes a profile on an online dating site for people who prefer sex with animals.Adult Friend Finder is eager to find you a hot date.

Another women likes to have dogs have oral sex with her. Here the members exchange experiences, set up dates and distribute videos. On a set of online debate forums 77 persons claims their are achieve users of sex with animals. And even though they were our competition and even though they were infamous for stealing our (and other bestiality producers) content, has been there from the beginning: They have played an important role for the whole beast community over the last 17 years […] Hello All, First of all we want to apologize for the small amount of new videos we have uploaded the last 2 weeks. However, his bestiality legacy with a collection of over […] The most famous and popular beast forum has pulled the plug!So sit back, grab your pathetic wiener in your hands and […] New video feature!We have just added a new tool to our network: the video playlist section.

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