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Fast forward to 2001, when regional manager Ed Truck retires, leaving a vacancy at Dunder Mifflin's branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania.This paves the way for abrasive salesman Michael Scott to end his eight-year career as one of the company's top salesman in order to become one of the most iconic managers in history.Beet-loving salesman Dwight Schrute and uptight accountant Angela Martin begin a secret relationship, and by January 2006, salesman Jim Halpert breaks up with his girlfriend, Katy.Not long after this, Michael reveals to corporate that he's been in a "relationship" with Jan, although he manages to explain that it wasn't serious enough to warrant termination.The merger of the two branches is a rough one, and by early 2007, Andy Bernard and Karen Filippelli (who also happens to be Jim's new girlfriend) are the only original Stamford employees remaining.In addition, Pam's ex-fiance, Roy, is fired when he tries to assault Jim after learning that he kissed Pam.Rumors soon begin to swirl throughout the company that downsizing may be coming in the near future.Health care plans are slashed, and Michael lets employee Devon White go on Halloween through a bungled, painful display of incompetence.

Salesman Phyllis Lapin also ties the knot with Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration and heads off on a six-week honeymoon.

With so many dynamic personalities co-existing in one tiny office building, it's easy to get lost in the details.

So we've gone ahead and mapped things out in a sweet and condensed format in order to finally allow fans to step back and get that 10,000-foot view of what exactly happened during the eight years that America's favorite workplace was under the scrutiny of a PBS documentary crew. In 1949, Dunder Mifflin is founded, and over the following decades, it slowly turns into a heavy-hitting little competitor in the northeast regional paper and office supplies market.

Dwight is also framed by Andy and fired, although he's quickly rehired afterward.

This period of time also sees a lot of drama in the relationship department.

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