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(last mission in 1946 mini series)This mod does not require another mods to play!



The Kursk salient or bulge was 250 kilometres (160 mi) long from nort...1946 - Unthinkable Option.

Currently there is only one mission in the mod, but I plan on adding 2 or 3 more. This is a map I created (my first map infact) for the WW2 Chronicles mod.

It is only for editor use at the moment (i've got no idea how to create missions), but if anyone wants to make their own mission for it and send it to me, i'll be more than happy to ...

This Reichstag map is a line defence type map and I tried to make it fun for gameplay and make it look nice.*THIS MAP IS NOT A MISSION*This map ...

Package contains some of my reworked skirmish missions.

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