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Teens are using the term hooking up as a means to maintain some sense of secrecy regarding their actions.

In some ways, it could be a good thing, in other ways, perhaps not.

The pervasive hookup culture that seems to be permeating the lives of our teens through TV, movies, videos and social media is contributing to the increase in younger kids hooking up.

Aside from the danger of teens reaching beyond their circle of friends to connect with total strangers, what’s concerning is that this app is viewed primarily as one that facilitates casual hookups rather than friendships or long-term partnerships.

For more information about the latest hookup apps check out this website: 6 Teen Hookup Apps Parents Should Know About.

While the hookup culture varies depending on what campus you’re referring to (middle, high school or college), in college the hookup scene is typically perceived as a wonderland of cheap wine, loud frat parties, scantily-dressed girls who are ready for practically anything, and far too many rounds of cheap vodka shots followed by a night of two totally drunk college kids hooking up in some dark corner of the frat house.

It’s a night of casual, noncommittal and nonemotional sex.

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