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They will get off on filming themselves do nasty, kinky stuff and will gladly reveal to you close-up moments of them fingering their own vaginas and testing out new adult toys live. All inquiries concerning subscriptions or back issues and all payments for dues, subscriptions, and back issues should be addressed to: Helminthological Society of Washington, % Allen Press, Inc.,1041 New Hampshire St., Lawrence, Kansas 66044, U. AUTHORS’ CONTRIBUTIONS To publication costs (currently /pg for members, , for non¬ members) will be billed by Allen Press and are payable to the SOCIETY. Inquiries concerning back volumes and current subscriptions should be directed to the,, business office. The Society’s business office is at Lawrence, Kansas. (Uliosentidae), Micracanthorynchina-ku- ■wdiiensis sp. (Rhadin Orhynchidae), and Sleridrorhynchus bteviclavipraboscis' i gen.

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