Blue collar vs white collar dating

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A white-collar crime, such as fraud, requires access to resources like finance and power structures, which blue-collar criminals do not have access to.

For example, a typical carpenter could not readily commit tax fraud, because he does not ordinarily have access to the financial resources that a banker may have.

In addition, white-collar crime is not done in an up-close and personal manner.

White-collar criminals will conduct their affairs from behind their resources and companies.

Today, blue collar crimes are typically those crimes that are considered to be fueled on by passion, rage or other emotions, as compared to those that are carefully calculated and executed.

The following, which are crimes that cause injury to people or property, are considered blue collar crimes: White collar crimes, on the other hand, originally referred to those crimes committed by individuals with a higher social status or upper-level occupation that often required them to wear a suit and a white collared shirt.

A white-collar criminal, then, is a criminal who is employed in this field and commits a crime related to that field.

The photo above shows Conrad Black, a newspaper publisher who was convicted for fraud in 2007.

A blue-collar crime is a crime that is committed by someone who is part of the lower class or working class.

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