Brooke shields denies dating michael jackson

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Disneyland, amusement parks, arcade games—I adore all that stuff because when I was little, it was always work, work, work." Looking back, Oprah says she realized in that moment that she had a fondness for Michael. I just wish I could understand my father."When Oprah asked Michael why Joe beat him, Michael wasn't entirely sure."He's very likable there, and I can tell you I really, really liked him," she says. I don't know him the way I'd like to know him," he said. "I don't know if I was his golden child or whatever it was. "There's been times when he'd come to see me, and I would get sick."We are coming in the gates of Neverland, and it's like a moment in The Wizard of Oz," she says. "I remember going to the recording studio, and there was a park across the street, and I'd see all the children playing and I would cry.It would make me sad that I would have to go to work instead," he said. It's because I find the thing that I never had through them."It certainly was going to be the most watched interview I had ever done." Sixteen years after that memorable special, and just a few months after Michael's untimely death, Oprah opens up about what she really thought of the candid discussion.

"The moonwalk came from these beautiful black kids who live in the ghettos in the inner cities, who are brilliant.When Oprah broached the subject, Michael wouldn't get into specifics but said he'd had less plastic surgery than people thought. Michael did admit to having a nose job, but said most of the cosmetic surgery rumors were false."I have never had my cheekbones done, never had my eyes done, never had my lips done," he said.Though Michael thought she was asking what he wanted to be remembered for, Oprah quickly corrected him.She, like Michael's fans, never imagined he would be gone so soon.

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