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Blake and Brynn welcomed their second child together, daughter Finely born in September 2016.For a moment there it looks like Griffin was ready to settle down; as he and Brynn became engaged and planned to tie the knot on July 28, 2017, in St. Somehow the wedding was postponed after Brynn refused to sign the prenup, that contradicted their prior oral agreement.Griffin was spotted with Grace in the first weekend of December 2012.

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Blake Griffin has broken up with Brynn in July 2017 and since August 2017 has started dating the famous Kendall Jenner.He is best known as a player from Los Angeles Clippers wearing jersey number 32. Anyone who knows the name Blake Griffin, knows about his shared history with his girlfriend-turned-fiancée-turned ex.She also stated that Griffin made an oral arrangement in 2013, where he promised to take care of her no matter what. The amount of money Cameron wants isn’t specified but it’s suspected to be in the millions!Cameron also claimed that Griffin hasn’t been a good father and left his family for Kendall Jenner, whom he has been rumored to be dating.

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