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Seasons 1-4 have been as pleasure and the first six or so episodes of Season 5 as well but only time will tell if this series stays as consistently funny as it's almost always been.

Many criticize it and claim it as a Simpsons rip off which is totally inaccurate and unfair.

By early 1969, COG counted 50 converts, and eventually Berg hit the road with his new-found followers.

Within a year the group had recruited more than 200 new members.

To date there have been 5 main arrangements of the closing credits theme (this, of course, does not include "one-shot" versions that are relative to a specific episode.) See more » Episode 2ACX12, "Road To Rhode Island" had a scene cut from its DVD and syndication versions post 9-11.

Originally, Stewie distracts the guards at the security checkpoint so they don't look at the contents (guns, granades) of his bag as it gets X-rayed.

Bart Simpson is a little hell-raiser who loves to cause trouble and pull pranks while Chris Griffin is a slow, dopey, lummox.

Lisa Simpson is an intelligent, kind, liberal while Meg Griffin is a self pitying, neglected, border line suicidal loser.

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The once very promising series is beginning to wear down however as season 5 was full of very dull and humourless episodes and i believe it is because of Ricky Blitt temporarily leaving the show to do The Winner which coincidentally flopped.The show revolves around family and the struggles and over the top things that occur throughout their daily lives.The humour is totally random with irrelevant and hysterical flashback sequences occurring throughout the episode and contains a ton of satire that is both offensive and true.Make sure that whatever you wear on a date, it reflects your true genuine identity and does not place you as just a tiny part of the cluster that follows others unknowingly.Sick, twisted and politically incorrect, the animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family.

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