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🙁 Can I restrict the access of a room to a given set of people?

You can restrict the access of a room to people who have been nominately invited by selecting the “only people who have been invited” option in the room settings.

If you authorised Riot to access your contact book on mobile, you will be able to see which of your contacts are already using Riot, based on their emails. You can invite a contact by email or by sending them a link to a room: by clicking on the link they will be able to join without even registering, if the room allows it. Hovering over these avatars (or clicking on them on mobile) will give you the user’s info and reading time. Click on the magnifying glass located near the top of the screen.

You can then type in a keyword or filename you are searching for.

The notifications can be:– Turned off: you won’t be notified when the selected event happens.– Turned on: you will get a message popping up when the selected event happens, but no sound.– “Noisy”: you will get a visual highlight (red badge and/or text highlight), a sound and/or vibration (depending on the device) when the selected event happens.

Then for finer tuning, you can easily configure per room notification setting from the context menu you get by clicking on the [...] icon that appears when hovering over the room name in the room list.

It depends on how you configured the history visibility for the room.

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Will anyone be able to join my room if I list it in the directory?People knowing the link of the room won’t be able to access it if an invite hasn’t been explicitly sent to their email or id.Can I limit the access of a room to people knowing its existence?You will then be sent an email asking you to confirm your request to reset your password.Please follow the link in the email to complete the process and regain access to your account.‍Note that if you haven’t set an email address we won’t be able to reset your password.‍We should emphasise that setting an email is not just useful to notify you but also for these kind of security processes and to make it easier for your contacts to find you.

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