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Read on to learn about this holiday, and keep scrolling for an infographic containing more than 40 interesting statistics about medical doctors.

National Doctors Day is a holiday to pay special recognition to medical doctors and their contributions to society.

Magnus Hirschfeld, a German Jew, who as a physician established the field of sexology, and fought militantly against German anti-sodomy laws in the late 19th century. See full summary » Director: Rosa von Praunheim "The Kinsey Report: Sex on Film," is a making-of documentary that profiles the behind-the-scenes of the critically acclaimed film, Kinsey as well as look at the titular man and his shocking but groundbreaking research.

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Director: Antonio Margheriti A cinema verite documentary about a man living in New York City determined to have raw sex with as many men as possible in a year and meticulously keeping count of the number of 'loads' he takes.Lamar, GA, Eudora Brown had admired the gentle kindness of her family doctor. She selected March 30 to honor the man she considered Georgia’s most famous son.”It’s possible to see some medical doctors sporting red carnations, the symbolic flower of National Doctors Day, on March 30.Other healthcare providers might also mark the day by distributing commemorative cards, as , in 2018.Congress designated March 30, 1991, as National Doctors Day with the passing of Public Law 101-473, and George Bush issued a proclamation in observance of the day on Feb. Per “How March 30th Came to be Doctors’ Day,” by Rod K.Calverley: “From the time of her early childhood in rural Ft. Almond and, believing that healing the sick was man’s greatest profession, became convinced that medical practitioners deserved a day of recognition.

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