Chatham whores

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This s******e of a town has two types of inhabitant, the p***y inbred local white trash and the knuckle dragging squadie cannon fodder.The lack of diversity in these two gene pools, mean that the local spunk buckets churn out spindly little ratboys and pigdog chavettes at an alarming rate.Eventually Chatham’s bad reputation led to the introduction of the Contagious Disease Acts, which amounted to government supervision of prostitution in garrison towns.The idea was to lock away the women to protect the servicemen from disease. Many of the women hawked their trade in pubs, so police retaliated by trying to have pub licences revoked. So the vice continued — and it stayed until sailors left with the dockyard.In some of the more metropolitan areas of Britain, people may argue that C**v culture is non-existent, however in provincial Britain it is alive and kicking and is the overriding culture. Legend has it that the c**v virus was first discovered in this town and from here, spread to the entire country.

From time to time there’s been other more, shall we say, specialist locations.

This was a guaranteed underage drinking spot with all the concomitant risks entailed — I don’t think I need to elaborate…

“Often it turned into a battlefield, memorably when Gillingham played Millwall in the last game of the season and announced at the game that the Player of the Year dance would be there that night and a load of Millwall scum unsurprisingly turned up to join the merriment.” Luvverly. He continues: “The most notorious place in Chatham in my teens was The Steamboat in the High Street.

Before readers suggest I am being insulting and unfair, please note: the Brook in Chatham — around which the Medway towns’ vice trade centred — was in many ways a fine place to grow up.

Some of the houses were large, if humble, and many correspondents attest that their parents and grandparents said life was tough but respectable.

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