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Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter are some of the biggest names.Then there are hybrid social/messaging platforms like Snapchat, and business-focused ones like Linked In, and hobby-based ones like Pinterest.We can communicate with friends in innumerable ways, from Facebook and Snapchat to Skype and i Message.The internet gives us more options to send and receive media and information than ever before, but it has also made everything incredibly complicated. You could hop into each of your streaming services to see if they offer the movie.Mastering all the features in just one messaging app can be a headache, let alone many.And then remembering which app you used to have the one conversation where your friend said the one thing you’re trying really hard to find … The world of streaming music is divided in many of the same ways video is.

For instance, when looking for a service to subscribe to, how do you weigh the service’s unique features, like the Beat One radio station on Apple Music against Spotify’s personalized playlist Discover Weekly?

Beyond that, you also have to decide which devices you want to play your music on before subscribing. Do you have enough of those around, and are they in the places you typically listen to music?

Your phone has a Spotify app, but your smart TV might not.

Others let you send voice memos or switch over to video chat on the fly.

Let’s not even touch on things like stickers and apps within apps.

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