Chris brown and riahnna dating

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Rihanna Tran responds with a catty Nicki Minaj lyric of her own on facebook: "I'm Angelina, you Jennifer. just to smash her," which seem to be aimed directly at the pop diva, to which the singer responded Meek Mill's birds-eye view claims to absolve both of any wrong-doing: "I never seen Chris Brown or Drake throw a bottle, and I was there," Meek, who is currently touring with Drake, told XXL magazine Monday."Chris and Drake, them two was there, but it's other people that be around that take … The whole open-ended saga is exactly the kind of Schadenfreude love story we've come to expect from Hollywood, and will keep this duo in the tabloids for years to come.He said Rihanna was filming her "Pon de Replay" music video in the restaurant he "played background music at people ate their dinner." It's not clear if Drake meant he was a DJ at that restaurant when he first met Rihanna or if he was there at the same time by chance, but suffice it to say, Drake hadn't made his come-up when the two met.Meanwhile, Rihanna is focusing on making money with her Fenty brand and recording her new album.The new album and eighth studio project, will be Rihanna’s first release since 2016’s When Rihanna announced this year that she was back in the studio, no one knew anything else about the upcoming album, including which artists she is collaborating with or the titles or number of tracks.In May 2009, a now-single Ri Ri was reportedly seen partying at Lucky Strike in New York City with Drake.

Rihanna doesn’t feel any jealousy towards Ammika.”“Instead, Ri tries not to worry about who Chris is dating, Rihanna has moved on from her relationship with Chris a long time ago.”Harris has been reportedly supporting Brown during his recent rape allegations./ It always seems to trouble me / Now all of a sudden, these gossip blogs want to cover me / And you making it seem that it happened that way because of me It's hard to imagine that Lucky Strike line being about anything other than their rumored night together at the NYC club in 2009.Drake clearly wasn't entirely happy about how their almost-thing fizzled out.Long before there were Drake and Ri Ri dating rumors, Rihanna dated Chris Brown.Rihanna and Brown went public with their relationship in 2008, but Brown physically assaulted Rihanna in February 2009, leading to their breakup.

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