Client computer not updating wsus

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This is why I said earlier that client management is a continuous task.There can be a variety of reasons why this process might fail, and I’ve outlined a couple of them below: The Boundaries of the Agent are not specified in the site server If the client is not assigned in the console or the client is unable to discover the site code, make sure that the AD site or the IP subnet is added in the boundary list.There are various reasons why a client may not be able to report to even if the SMS\SCCM agent is installed on a machine.A few of these reasons are discussed below: The first thing to check is whether the client is on the network, and if it’s not on the network, does the system even exist?If that container has the stale records for the resources, then client records may be created for systems that don’t actually exist, thus they will never report.There is a Maintenance task that will clear the inactive records but if the discovery process runs again and the AD container still has these entries then they will simply show up again.

If it doesn’t then check the resolution mentioned in the topic under Site Code and Boundaries above.

Then a discovery can be run which will bring back only the active systems in the collection.

Once the agent is available on the network and the client is installed, the client goes through the following actions as part of the reporting process: So only if this process is completed and it continues to happen will the client remain reporting to the server.

The client is behind a firewall If clients are behind a firewall, it may be restricting it from contacting the SMS site server. You can check to understand the port requirements.

There are systems in the collection that have multiple GUIDs.

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