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Just because the software can handle more than one company does not make it a truly multi-company application. With Gravity Software for Multi-Company you can have one cohesive system, one application that can handle all your company’s needs.

Each company in its own database not sharing any information with any other company is a recipe for inefficiency. As an application that has been built from the ground up to manage an organization’s multiple legal entities, Gravity can solve problems and drive significant efficiencies that other applications only dream of.

In the outside world, the only revenue that counts is revenue coming from a real customer.

That’s what consolidation is all about – putting together financial statements that eliminate all the internal back and forth and focus only on “real” customer revenue.

Let’s also assume that the manufacturer charges the retail division the same price it charges outside customers.

The retailer then charges its customer .00 per widget for a total of 00.

ACME makes and sells widgets to wholesalers around the country. And these retail stores are set up as a different legal entity.

Consolidation is a basic accounting concept that’s simple in theory, but complex in the real world.

In this post, we’ll cover the basics of consolidation, some of the challenges that emerge and possible solutions.

Often, business leaders look only at their individual statements to go about their business.

At the end of the day, consolidation is really about addition – adding in balancing entries. Here are some of the complexities we see regularly: 1.

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