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This is an effective way of hunting for candidates without exposing who you are.

When you view a profile, you’ll show up as “Recruiter” in their statistics, like this: With the subscription, you also get 30 In Mails (Linked In’s version of email) per month.

If you’re not sure how to use Linked In to find good candidates, check out this video.

The tips I share in it apply to finding customer leads and job candidates.

It also includes other things like brand management, corporate revenue goals, and long-term planning.

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When you browse profiles with a Recruiter profile, your name doesn’t show up to the person whose profile you’re browsing.

If you hire the wrong person, you don’t just have to cough up the expense of replacing them.

Some of your best performers might leave when they get too frustrated by their underperforming co-workers.

Here are my best strategies for growth hacking your next hire!

Traditional marketing involves growing users through acquisition.

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