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Of course, fitness and hot guys-of-the-day aren't a bad thing, in and of themselves, but they become a bad thing when paired with prominent, proudly displayed coverline, Gay Culture Defined.

A room full of gay men isn't somewhere I'd be even if they're all different. For further evidence of how self-limiting gay culture can be, click-through the ancillary links of Circuit

But the description of one's OGF is always vague: He's very nice He's sweet He's a good guyanything that can be used to describe a soggy puppy or a scented candle.

Frequently, the OGF isn't even an "F," but is more of a "C"a colleague.

It seems everyone where I live in New York has an entertaining gay officemate and water-cooler conversations revolving around dating, where the OGC routinely delivers the wittiest bits of interpersonal disaster.

My well-meaning friends invariably get into set-up mode: You should go out with my friend!

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