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As previously mentioned, one of the most useful benefits of debt consolidation is that it can help debtors pay a lower interest rate on their consolidated debt.However, there are other benefits associated with debt consolidation.When debt consolidation is planned and performed correctly, it can help borrowers pay off their debts quicker and with ease.Consolidating debt might be a good option for those whose total debt is not greater than half of their current income.On credit reports, the debts owed to various creditors would be marked as charged off.Then, there would only be one credit account with a debt consolidation creditor.

This is especially true for those who have debt with multiple creditors with various interest rates.

Debt consolidation involves taking balances from high-interest bearing debt accounts from the numerous creditors they belong to and combining them into one single debt under one creditor with a lower interest rate.

Doing this can decrease borrowers’ monthly payments.

This can help simplify finances and prevent defaulting and late payments.

Consolidating multiple sources of debt can help residents pay off their debts faster.

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