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Gayle says she was just stuttering after saying “I’m just kidding…” and that it didn’t mean anything. The couple have a son, William, and daughter, Kirby, together.

CBS is officially saying that she’s straight and TMZ reports a spokesperson saying that if Gayle was gay, she would have come out years ago. In a dramatic 2006 interview, King announced that the marriage fell apart because Bumpus was a cheater.

Cory shared a news story that seemed to call out Rosario for not attending one of his campaign events, saying that her absence was "noticeable." Cory said sarcastically underneath the story, "You made it." (as in, look! Rosario just shared a video on her Instagram, in which the pair tell each other how much they love each other (according to Cory, "so much.").

"If you want to do something you believe in, quit your job and come help me run for mayor," she told . She also had advice for other working moms: "Value all aspects of who you are and be gentle with yourself in those moments when you don’t get it all right. We earn it and deserve it."Gibson told The PR Mommy, "People are a definite passion of mine and I love it when I make authentic connections; it is the best feeling to be trusted with someone’s story and to feel like you are able to make a positive difference.", "I grew up in a small river town in northern California, the child of a white mother and black father who divorced when I was young." Her mom and step-father were bar owners, and she came from humble beginnings.

"Within eight days, I had quit my job and found myself sleeping on an apartment floor in Newark. Stand in your strength through the exhaustion, guilt, and frustrations because the world needs us. She was in the first generation in her family to finish college, graduating from Stanford.

I do wonder if it'll happen between now and 2020, though—which would make for an interesting, busy time for the couple.

People would be Cory Booker had a very interesting exchange that hints there might be wedding bells in his future.

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