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""Well, I have been kissed by over three women," Chandler said, proud of himself."Ok, stud, back to the lesson, um, I mean 'coaching'," Monica said, then mouthing to Rachel, "It was THAT good?

" Rachel smiled and nodded."Now, kiss her again, but this time, move slowly to her neck."Chandler did so, and Rachel smiled and purred, "Mmmm... "Now start caressing her breast." Chandler's hand slid from Rachel's back to her firm tit."Ok, drop her bra strap off her shoulder... and kiss your way across her shoulder and down to her breast. Now slowly pull down her other strap and cup and try those things on her other breast."Rachel liked what he did. those are all good, Chandler."Monica was getting a bit aroused at what she was seeing.

Monica continued, "Okay, you could, uh, start with a little one; a two; a one, two, three; a three; a five; a four, a three-two; a two, a two-four-six..."She was starting to get into it.

"...two-four-six; four..."Rachel moved back from her a bit on the couch.

Chandler pulled Rachel's panties down around her knees.

Monica dropped her own panties to the floor."Before you go in her, make sure you gently rub the head of your cock on her clit and around her pussy lips.

But Monica stopped him, "Not yet, you're not done with her yet," she said, smiling seductively.

Monica was mimicking him with her own hand motions."Brush your finger tip across her clit." Rachel let out a deep moan. but don't stop kissing her."Rachel's eyes were closed and her mouth open, panting. Chandler slid a finger into Rachel's well-lubricated pussy.

She ground her hips against his hand, and was audibly moaning.

You can peel the bra cup down as you get to her nipple."Chandler went to his knees in front of Rachel and did as directed. Try tracing the circle of her nipple with your tongue tip. You can even gently bite it, if you're VERY careful. She licked her lips and swallowed hard as she watched her friends' foreplay.

"Ooohhhh," Rachel gasped as Chandler took her nipple in his mouth and began to gently suck. She undid a couple buttons on her plaid shirt and rubbed her own breast through her bra."Now take off her bra...

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