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Let's say you have a click counter stored in a distributed cache and both clients update the number.

Before the update the number was 10 and every client increase the number by 1.

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– Community game servers can no longer display unsafe html in disconnection messages.

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With distributed caches, we cannot assume the same.

The cache item will be serialized and send to a server, in case multiple clients update the same item, one of the clients will win, the other one will loose.

Like my cnn app; and the sports app that came with 10 already installed as well as the money app and Im sure there are some others Im missing right now. I'm a bit slow jumping on the Insider Preview bandwagon, and as 10 is literally around the corner I thought I'd better get some practice in so I've only just installed Windows 10 for the first time today. This shared mailbox having the issue was indeed over 2GB in size.There are numerous forum threads on the Internet with people experiencing this Outlook issue: This issue only occurs when shared mailboxes are being cached locally.The result would be 11 because one client would override the update of the other client...To prevent such scenarios and ensure you don't loose any data, every distributed cache provider has some slightly different ways to handle that.

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