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Crystal Castles are known for their chaotic live shows and their lo-fi melancholic home productions.

Label: Fiction Records Source: CD, Album, Promo Release date: 07/2010 Quality: VBR kbps Size: ~100 MB Genre: Electronic Tracklist: 01.

Producer Kath and vocalist Glass first collaborated in 2006 on the track "Alice Practice", a proof-of-concept which was initially shelved for six months.

After being posted online, this track garnered attention and the duo decided to re-form for a formal release.

The accusations detail events starting when Glass was 15 and began recording with Kath, and escalated until her eventual departure from Crystal Castles.

Crystal Castles' first live performance with the new vocalist was on November 27 at Soundswild Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The album was moderately successful charting in the UK at number 48, the US at number 188 and number 25 in Australia.

The first two singles were "Celestica" and "Baptism".

Alice Glass served as the lead vocalist for the group since its foundation until 2014.

In March 2012, Crystal Castles announced their relocation to Warsaw to begin recording their third album.

A fan's video of the band's performance of June 9 at Parklife 2012 was uploaded to You Tube, boasting the first appearance of new song "Plague", Three years later, in October 2017, on her official website, Glass accused Kath of sexual, physical and mental abuse in explanation of her departure from the band.

The album included four singles: "Plague", "Wrath of God", "Sad Eyes" and "Affection".

Glass announced her departure from the band in October 2014, citing personal and professional reasons.

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