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One point is worth one US cent; your balance is converted into pounds daily.

The value of the Amazon vouchers you earn will also be shown in pounds.

A tax break introduced in 2017, means the first £1,000 you earn each year 'trading' is tax-free.

Basically this means you no longer have to report the first £1,000 you make from self employment or selling goods, whether online or offline. If you earn more than that - which is unlikely if you're doing this casually - some of it will probably belong to the taxman.

When it comes to powerful free options, Gmail is among the best.

Neither pole is superior to the other and, as an increase in one brings a corresponding decrease in the other, a correct balance between the two poles must be reached in order to achieve harmony.

For most people, it'll be around a third, but you'll need to register for self-assessment and check.

Call HMRC on 03 and for full info read its self-employment info.

As expressed in the , the ever-changing relationship between the two poles is responsible for the constant flux of the universe and life in general.

When there is too great an imbalance between Yin and Yang, catastrophes can occur such as floods, droughts and plagues.

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