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I have a Data Grid View Combo Box that is bound to a simple "lookup" dataset (5 sec = 500, 10 sec = 1000, etc.) How do I allow a user to manually enter a different time (i.e. Any change you want to do, has to be done on the object that the grid is bound to, not the combobox itself. I've Googled the heck out of this and have found a few examples in C#. judsonhh, That error seems to indicate that your Data Grid View. Dabas judsonhh, What that means is that your Data Grid is bound to a datasource.

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True, but if I modify the actual datagridview it accepts the new value but when the validating event finishes it changes it back.

this may be the datagrid itself or the datagridviewrow, you will have to msgbox a sender. Then you can code directly against the sender, and that should work.

-Sometimes the answer to your question is the hack that works Thanks for the suggestion,sender.

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If this isn't what I want (I simply want this column to list "normal" time possibiliies while allowing a user to manually enter their own times if neccessary), do you know how to populate a DGVCombo Box with a list of values that operates like a "lookup" list and also allows for user entry?

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