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In 1949 an early attempt at an electric Ukulele was tried by fitting special steel strings and a pickup to a Tenor.

In 1961 Gibson brought out a Baritone still in the type 1 style but some had black headstocks too.

Since then there have been some custom shop Ukuleles made, certainly in the 90's, and I guess it would still be an option now if you were willing to pay enough.

Unlike Martin, Gibson did produce a number of Banjoleles over the years, starting in 1924 before they made Ukuleles with the "trapdoor" range.

Like Martin, (who at one stage Gibson considered buying from and rebranding - but never did), Gibson produced different levels of decoration.

Usually there were 3 levels for Ukuleles but this was all much less rigid that Martins with, in some catalogues, the better one just being called "Deluxe".

As an example, Gibson made Guitars for the British distributor Francis, Day and Hunter, (FDH), but I have seen people trying to suggest on the back of this that George Houghton made Banjoleles branded by FDH were "possibly made by Gibson" and quadrupling the price, despite the fact they still had the golden lion on them!Gibson did use a number of other brand names themselves for instruments too, especially in the depression years to keep up sales but maintain the prestige of the Gibson name, (they also made wooden toys at this time too so they didn't have to lay off staff).Famously they used Kalamazoo, Cromwell, Oriole, Kel Kroydon and Mastertone, (nothing to do with the J. Dallas brand), but it also appears that in the mid to late 1930 they did a "put your name on the headstock" service for most of their US distributors so quite a few other names exist and more are turning up. created a separate entity called Norlin Industries to run it but mismanagement and a move to Nashville lead to Gibson nearly going out of business in 1986.(The exception to the current lack of production, is Gibson currently own the Epiphone brand and they currently do produce a couple of Ukuleles.

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