Dating a narcissistic woman

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Those Narcissists who are good looking have a tendency to turn into Somatic Narcissists.

Many who are bright intellectually but less than fortunate in the looks department tend to lean towards developing the Cerebral Narcissistic side.

If they [the 80%-ers, not the Narcissists] chose to marry young, their children hit high school and college graduations and the “empty nest” seem to happen right on time.

Parents who mature along with their children — perpetually remaining in the adult hot-seat — reach child graduation time with a sense of relief coupled with familial pride.

If they have a sadistic or malicious streak, it will more than likely if their toxic behavior is enabled, to lead them to develop comorbid disorders like ASPD.

If someone is or was groomed narcissistic in youth and they are mean or allowed to develop Collapsed Narcissism, it will lead them to develop comorbid disorders like ASPD (meaning a preference for egocentrism and to control others by any means necessary to get what the Abuser wants) once they are adults.

Learning how to effectively control, dupe, con, and connive during their youth: Seriously, it’s all part of the way karma works. They are cursed to remain the same, only become less and less successful at their attempts to bully or manipulate the psychology or emotional bodies of other people while acting covertly.

Where they might have been able to charm and manipulate their way through life efficiently when they were younger, most lose social and psychological power over others as they begin to age.Not only do their bodies start to fail them over time, but once they lose the “cute” of their youth, if they haven’t emotionally or psychologically matured, most conversations with them end up feeling dreadfully painful.Since Narcissists seldom mature emotionally much older than the age of 6, it’s truly traumatizing to have to listen to them.They tend to dominate their social environment using brutal, covert situational abuse tactics, but as their social circle starts to narrow inevitably during old age, they are able to find fewer and fewer people emotionally and psychologically capable of providing care due to the narcissistic predator’s unquenchable thirst to abuse.When Narcissists were children, they might have been seen as part of the in-crowd or as the leader of a mean-spirited clique.

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