Dating a nonbeliever

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If you have only been married a few years, there might be some hazards further down the road that you have not yet considered. If both you and your husband were non-Christians at the time of your marriage, and you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior since then, you have done nothing wrong. I married young and I married quickly, because I was afraid of being left alone. Joshua made a peace treaty with them to let them live, and the leaders of the people ratified it by oath. Joshua So because of their oath, they had to let the treaty stand, instead of destroying the Gibeonites, which was what God had originally ordered them to do. At my wedding, I had promised, in front of God, to love, honor and obey Bob, and to stay married to him until one of us died.

I was going to say that the way this situation came about doesnt really matter. (Ive explained why my self-esteem was so crushed, in My Stormy Relationship with God.) I had no idea that it is so possible to be lonely within marriage. The first thing I had to do was admit to God that I had sinned in marrying Bob. When they found out that they had actually DISOBEYED God, they were in a quandary. So I realized that God expected me to stay married. Over and over again I had to go to Psalm 62:8 One school principal, when I used to take a problem to him, would say, Leave it with me - Ill attend to it.

Ten years ago, as a young girl raised with strong Christian parents and about to graduate from a Christian high school, I would have never believed that I would be where I am today.

I feel sick to my stomach after reading these articles.

No matter how true that was where I was concerned, I cannot remember ONE speaker or writer offering a word of comfort. Even now my stomach turns at the thought of the sweet smiling faces on the back covers. This is because I long to spare other Christian women the sadness and distress, the disillusionment and depression that I went through for almost 40 years, because I made the wrong choice.

These people didnt have a clue what my life was like - how could they? Are you a Christian woman thinking about marrying someone you are not sure belongs to the Lord Jesus? Somehow have you ended up in that most difficult of relationships; marriage to a non-Christian; someone who has no time for God. I survived but I hope you manage better than I did.

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dating a nonbeliever-1

Additionally, I think you might be greatly encouraged by a marriage message called Love and Respect, presented by Dr.Emerson Eggerichs (available both as a two-day seminar and a DVD). Eggerichs shows how much power you have to improve the condition of your marriage, even without the participation of your spouse.Of course, if your husband would watch it with you, all the better.At 26, he had a surgery that made having babies not an option. I am determined not to divorce, and I’m reluctant to reverse our decision (and surgery) about not having children since the reason I decided not to still remains: I’m too afraid to raise a child without a Christian husband.Please advise me on the right way to live under these circumstances that I’ve created for myself. I’m so glad you did because I want to assure you and encourage you that while those articles speak to where you are, they were not written to condemn you.

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