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The effects of growing up in an alcoholic family are varied. Usually, everyone’s tiptoeing around the alcoholic, trying to keep the peace and avoid a blow-up.

Many ACOAs are very successful, hard-working, and goal-driven. Your needs must be met consistently in order for you to feel safe and develop secure attachments. You really can’t understand addiction as a child, so you blame yourself and feel “crazy” because your experiences didn’t line up with what adults were telling you (namely that everything’s fine and normal).

Most of the adult children of alcoholics that I know underestimate the effects of being raised in an alcoholic family. If you’re an adult child of an alcoholic, you feel different and disconnected.

More likely it’s shame and simply not knowing that adult children of alcoholics (ACOAs), as a group, tend struggle with a particular set of issues.

Researchers have found that adult children of alcoholics sometimes struggle in relationships because of lack of trust, loneliness, emotional denial, feelings of guilt, shame and rage, sadness, being unsure of their identity, needing control, having issues asserting themselves, being desperate to please others, and overreacting to criticism.

In addition, it’s thought that ACOAs are more likely than the general population to constantly seek approval and validation, feel that they are “different,” be super-responsible, judge themselves harshly, be extremely loyal, and plunge into action without considering consequences.

You struggle to express yourself, subconsciously remembering how unsafe it was to speak up in your family.

◊♦◊ Being rigid and inflexible You have a hard time with transitions and changes. Difficulty trusting and being closed off People have let you down and hurt you.

Part two of this story is what happens if the alcoholic parent is still abusing alcohol and your partner is still involved with their family.

Shame and loneliness Shame is the feeling that you’re bad or wrong and unworthy of love.

There are so many things that alcoholic families don’t talk about – to each other and especially to the outside world. When there are things so awful that they can’t be talked about, you feel there is something awful about you and that you’ll be judged and cast away.

If you grew up in an alcoholic or addicted family, chance are that it had a profound impact on you.

Often, the full impact isn’t realized until many years later.

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