Dating birthday ideas

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This is especially a good idea if the two of you have been together for a while; it's a great thing to do on your birthday with your boyfriend, no matter who is doing the planning.Visiting the place where you had your first date (or first kiss) will bring back all those pleasant memories of when you first started getting to know each other.Plant flowers or greens that symbolize love your you know your partner enjoys.Add in garden decorations that feature hearts, the word "love," and little signs where you can write love notes.It might be a visit to an old school or house, or maybe a trip to the park, beach, etc.What you are looking for is a place that is special to your partner that he or she hasn't visited in a while.She is unlikely to consider it romantic without them and may even be a little disappointed if she doesn't receive flowers. Give your lover a romantic display that publicly shows off your feelings and lasts year after year.Choose a spot in front of his or her house or use window boxes if they don't have a yard.

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