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The handle is rectangular shaped, with an indentation; this is different from all other vintage corn stick pans.

Also, note that the corn rows are set in opposite directions, instead of all in one direction.

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I took it out this morning and it's sticky everywhere instead of smooth.

I loved the healthy aspect of them, but often burned the outside of meat and left the inside undercooked. I made salsa, quiche, cornbread and fried everything in it but eggs. Also, I wasn’t the kindest to it, so maybe it just never got really well seasoned.

I was pretty new to this whole cooking thing and everyone I knew had teflon pans so no insight there :-). But was never able to season that pan well enough to be completely non-stick. Or maybe it’s just a bit trickier to get a non-stick surface from a modern machined cast iron pan.

Over the course of its history, Birmingham Stove & Range produced a number of cast iron pans especially for baking cornbread.

(Of course, these items can be used to bake dishes other than cornbread!

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