Dating el salvador women

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That year the United Provinces of Central America were formed from five Central American countries.When that federation dissolved in 1838, El Salvador became an independent republic.Coffee grown in the mountains and cane grown on the coast provide the rural population with paid labor; in the central valleys, corn and beans are grown for private consumption and for sale.Most industry is in the center, where the capital, San Salvador, is located.Under them were the criollos , Spaniards born in the Americas.The mestizos were people of mixed Spanish and indigenous descent, who had some rights but could not hold private property.Some remnants of the Pipil language remain in everyday Salvadoran Spanish. The flag consists of two blue horizontal stripes with a white stripe in the middle.

During the colonial period, the Spaniards replaced the communal property of the indigenous population with a system of private property.

The indigenous peoples were exploited and mistreated.

Independence from Spain (1821) was sought by criollos who were inspired by the American and French revolutions.

El Salvador "the Savior," was named by Spanish conquistadors.

Guanaco, a type of bird, is a slightly derogative nickname used by other Central Americans and some Salvadorans. El Salvador is a country of 8,260 square miles (21,040 square kilometers) in Central America, between Guatemala and Honduras.

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