Dating forum sites

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What's best way to talk to people on those types of sites?

BTW I am never rude to anyone or send stupid crude messages like some idiots do. Converts dating in to something even more competitive and less rewarding than a job interview.

Because of this, these people believe they are better than they actually are.

(refer to my earlier post) My profile is "meh" but I get girls messaging me saying "hey gorgeous, wanna talk?

Any contacts are likely to be riddled with frustration.

I would stick to the work, pub, friends of friends or hobbies as potential sources of partners...

" and on the POF forums (I reccomend reading some of the posts) you get average guys with awesome profiles getting rejection after rejection. A troll on TSR even made a fake average woman profile to prove this (100 messages in an hour).

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Sorry but that's just not the case (certainly with the free ones). I've finally given up but for me it's more difficult to meet single women because of my age. If you're average looking and, in particular, not tall then forget it. If you are quite a bit below average, then just have patience, make sure your profile is up to scratch and message below average girls. I've got a good job (more than £40k a year, studying part time for work related course), house, nice car, good and interesting hobbies and a good circle of friends.That being said, it is certainly difficult for men to easily be successul on these sites Whether they're a "waste of time" is rather down to you to decide, depending on what else you could be doing instead.But they're definitely pretty unrewarding and frustrating due to a number of quite obvious reasons.I have absolutely no doubt that on a minute-for-minute basis, going out to intentionally meet girls in real life is far more productive and successful.But, if you spend a lot of time at the computer anywhere then tbh they can be quite entertaining and, from time to time, can lead to decent meetings.

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