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She's often sarcastic and brutally honest to the point others may perceive it as arrogance.This is one of the reasons why Mugi calls her "horrible" when she blatantly told Noriko Kamomebata that she finds her a nuisance.Hanabi is a very beautiful and attractive white-skinned young girl (that causes many of the boys in her class to confess their feelings to her) with chin-length black hair.In the anime, Hanabi's eye color is an ombre of purple and blue, sometimes appearing green.When we got to her house, I was practically trembling.She kept telling me that everything's is going to be alright and tried her best to calm me. I know that you, Naruto, have become a respectable man. When it turned night time, I began to leave their house, but before I could go. Hyuga appeared and said, "Don't make my daughter cry, Naruto.

Her sister, Hanabi, had a sly grin, but her father in the other hand was glaring. I hope you accept our relationship," I told him straight in his eyes, but inside I thought I was going to pass out. *Next Day, Afternoon* "Naruto, I saw Sakura-san earlier. "Alright, we'll go right after I'm done cleaning the windows," I told her, as I hurriedly cleaned each window throughly. "Naruto, stop daydreaming about your wife and get over here," said Hanabi as she tried to run away from Hinata's grasp. We'll be late." Yelled out Hinata as she tried to chase down Hanabi. If there's grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm sorry about that too.

She is also shown to be bisexual, as she was in a relationship/harbored romantic feelings for both boys and Sane.

Depicted in both the anime and the manga, Hanabi starts off kissing Mugi Awaya because they are both replacements for the ones they truly love.

"Hello father, I'll go get Hanabi," Hinata left, leaving me and her father outside. Don't return back to late." "Yes, sir." I responded. Hyuga gave me a one last warning stare, before he went inside. It only caused hinata to yell at Hanabi in embarrassment.

"Father, we'll be leaving, now." said Hinata as she came out with Hanabi. I took a deep breath, not realizing that I was holding in one.

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