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Tasha and her trustworthy horse Ralphy go inside the small house.Meanwhile, a gray futuristic UFO falls from the sky, landing behind a rock and hiding it from view. They question why their ship landed suddenly and check the fuel tank.The 75-year-old brothel steward admitted paying Trummel, who was chairwoman of the Nye County Commission at the time, a total of ,000 in two installments in an effort to persuade her to rewrite an ordinance that had prevented him from starting construction on a new brothel on the south side of Pahrump.

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Nearly a dozen years had passed since our most recent chat when I spied Hof entertaining fans over the weekend at the Adult Entertainment Expo at Sands Convention Center.

"It's an out-of-this-world adventure set to '60s Italian pop as Aliens Zuniqua and Zablo become Rancher Tasha's ranch hands to earn the pancakes they need to fuel their ship!

" Tasha is in the backyard wearing a cowgirl hat and sitting next to full paint cans.

In July 2009, Richards was sentenced to five years’ probation, a year in a halfway house and a 0,000 fine.

He’s no longer permitted to do brothel business in Nye County, either.

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