Dating idea hilo hawaii

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USGS research geologist Rob Witter, who led the team that conducted the studies, said evidence for the islands’ tsunami history was found in low-lying areas at Driftwood Bay on Umnak Island and Stardust Bay on Sedanka Island.“The low-lying coastals are covered in peat,” Witter said.“And then, when the tsunami spreads inland, it carries sand with it into these peat bogs, and so you get this sort of peat-sand-peat sandwich.” By using radiocarbon dating and further analysis of these sand layers, the geologists were able to conclude that the sand came from oceanic sources and determined the approximate times when the tsunamis inundated the islands.Based on their findings, the geologists concluded that the bays were inundated by large tsunamis at least eight times in the last 2,000 years.Yet the porous rocky coastline of The Big Island seems to draw marine animals in bounty like no other island.Visiting the Island of Hawaii is an entirely unique experience.It has a completely different look and feel from the older, more tropical islands.

Witter said more information about the behavior of the Aleutian fault is extremely valuable for Pacific communities like those on Hawaii to determine their tsunami preparedness plans.

Instead, you go to the Island of Hawaii to experience raw nature in action and plentiful ocean life.

Yes, the other islands have natural beauty in surplus.

Witter said the tsunamis appeared to occur in an interval of between 164 and 257 years.

“If they recur fairly regularly, we do have some breathing room,” Witter said, explaining that the most recent tsunami at Driftwood Bay was in 1957.

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