Dating in 90 days brody jenner who is he dating now

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Their argument is that no one actually waits for 90 days, anyway. The 90 day rule uses sex as some form of service that you owe to your date after they wait a certain amount of time for it.It also makes sex seem like some kind of currency that you exchange for spending on you on dates, giving you attention, and again, waiting.There’s also that electrifying feeling of reaching the finish line that, when the moment indeed comes, is like fireworks.[Read: Does absence make the heart grow fonder or wander? Waiting for 90 days before having sex with your date allows you to be emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared.So what you may think is attraction or even love may end up being infatuation.By not waiting, you can end up making all kinds of decisions that you may regret in the end. The number of sexually transmitted infections is on the rise, and many of these even go undiagnosed.#6 It assumes that it’s slutty to give up the “cookie” early.

The rule assumes that men are only after having sex with women, and that women are less likely to want to have sex right away.

This is because having sex makes two people more attached *thank you, oxytocin*. There’s also a sense of excitement that comes with waiting 90 days.

Therefore, if you have sex earlier than 90 days, there’s a bigger chance that you’ll get too attached before even knowing the real deal about the person. There’s the thrill of the forbidden, as you have made your decision clear with him.

Since this 90 day rule came from Steven Harvey’s book, , the rule assumes that the thought process of men revolves solely around sex, and that men want sex more and much earlier than women.

However, more and more women are now also embracing and taking charge of their sexuality, making this rule pretty outdated.

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