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It was last thursday when she invited him to our house and I rushed home from work to see her before Marks arrival.

When i got home she was dressed in tight jeans and a revealing top for Mark.

I told her how i wanted to do this with her but she told me she had a better idea...

Being the little sexual deviant she is she contacted her old boyfriend over facebook and explained the situation.

I was kissing her, getting more and more horny, when finally the doorbell rang.

We let mark into our house, exchanged hellos, and made our way to the bedroom for the real action.

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You forget why the relationship ended or who ended it, and the two of you decide to start dating again.When it was in her hands she sat up and started to kiss Mark.I couldnt believe how comfortable she was with him after all this time.I told her I wanted to see this so the two of them made out while he rubbed her oiled up body and gently moved in and out of her pussy.Things really picked up as she mounted him reverse cowgirl and bounced harder and harder on his dick.

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