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“It’s not an easy thing to approach a Parisian in the street, in a café, or in line at the cinema, because the French are always afraid to start a conversation.They have too much pride.” Millennials dominate dating websites Dating websites are most popular with French who are under 30.Over the next seven years, this number rose to 14% among 26-65 year olds.This is an impressive number compared to some other countries such as the United States, where only 9% of adults visited a dating site in 2013.

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Perhaps that’s why it’s a bit of a running joke in France to have a Tinder profile saying something like: “We’ll tell people we met at a museum.” More diversity but also more exclusivity As dating websites become more and more popular in France, they’re evolving, becoming more socially diverse but also more targeted.That's because when we think of the most romantic people in the world, we almost certainly think of the French.French films like Amelie and French perfume commercials have programmed us to believe that natural, exciting, electrifying, romance inevitably materializes simply by setting foot in the country.According to a 2014 poll, one in three French adults is on a dating site.In 2006, when only 42% of households in the country had internet access, already 10% of French people were on such websites.

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