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Among the items preserved was the original potters wheel used by the Duesburys.The crown and interlinked D’s are now within a circle of ROYAL CROWN DERBY – ENGLISH BONE CHINA. This mark including popular Imari pattern number 1128 and with Roman Numeral year cypher for 1982.The V of 1904 can be confused with the Roman V of 1942 as can the X for 1901 and the Roman X for 1947.

RA-1 is repeated twice and it should be noted that the re-setting of the number marries up with the new Doulton lion and crown mark. are many and varied as Doulton marked their wares from the very start.However the Beswick connection was sustained by the inclusion of the John Beswick signature on the backstamp BP8 Beswick Ware Brown Script – *Beswick Ware England* or *Beswick Ware Made in England* is the earliest printed backstamp of the W.The Doulton marks are many and varied but most follow the same theme.The figures did not retain their original mark but as backstamps changed all figures in current production were marked with the new backstamp.Broadly speaking there are three styles of backstamp Beswick Gold, Beswick Brown and Royal Albert.

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