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The area is a 7,659-hectare (18,930-acre) region near Lake Terkos.

Some 6,172 hectares (15,250 acres) of this area was state-owned forest.

The second stage will add a third independent runway to the east of the main terminal, as well as a fourth remote runway with an east-west heading and additional taxiways and apron areas.

The third stage is planned to add a second passenger terminal with a capacity of 60 million annual passengers and an estimated area of around 960,000 m (10,300,000 sq ft), as well as an additional runway and a new support facilities area.

The inauguration of the airport took place on the planned date of 29 October 2018.

At the bidding session on May 3, 2013, only four out of fifteen Turkish and two foreign companies that were qualified as bidders showed up.This prompted opposition MP Veli Ağbaba to submit a written questionnaire to the Turkish parliament on 13 February 2018.In response, the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security claimed that there were only 27 fatalities during the construction of the airport.The distance between Istanbul Airport and Atatürk Airport is approximately 35 km (22 mi).The area encompassed old open-pit coal mines, which were later filled up with soil.

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